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Guide Rods

"A new product for owners of Colt Mustangs and Mustang plus II handguns. Our stainless steel guide rods are made of 416 stainless steel and the reason we believe they are the best available is because they have all been heat treated to 40-44 Rockwell. For my own personal Mustang Plus II I made a stainless guide rod out of 303 stainless, and after only a few rounds a bur started to form on the rear abutment. The harder steel in the 416 rods eliminated any bur forming after a 100 round test.
  $31 dollars each and I guarantee a $31 refund ($3 out for shipping) if the customer is not satisfied that it is indeed superior. Again, pay via paypal, or a postal money order."

You can send the money via paypal to partsproduction@gmail.com

Or you can send a money order to;

Glen Linscheid
7610 Trask River rd.
Tillamook, Oregon 97141

After sending payment, either by paypal or money order, PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE! THE DAY AFTER WE GET THE MONEY WE SEND THE GUIDE ROD! It goes out in the mail. If we get the money Saturday the trigger will go out Monday. We are honest people, and no one has accused us of not sending an item that was paid for, so again, please have patience. If you don't get the trigger within 10 days THEN please contact me. Most people get them within 3-5 days.


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E-mail address: partsproduction@gmail.com

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